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Plintron CPaaS will provide high-performing email modules for enterprises, communities, etc with a scalable and reliable infrastructure to deliver millions of messages at a fast speed.


Initiating the Email through API

Deliver transactional emails, account confirmations, invoices, password resets, etc. for any size of company every day. Reduce bounce rates, blocks, spam, and delays by aggregating data in real-time.

Bulk Email feature for campaigns

Auto-scale the sending capacity with Plintron uptime guarantees and burst rates giving flexibility e.g. Customers send 100 messages or a billion.

Email initiation based on the configured time

Customers can schedule emails to send at a later time configured by integrating certain mechanics of time-dependent materials.

Different Email template creation

Enabling text messaging in apps like food delivery and ride-hailing apps to contact the Plintron will offer a sophisticated algorithm to connect clients with their customers through a unique template creation platform.

Use Cases

Driving conversions

Use cases like driving registrations for events like webinars.


Sending customized content to customers based on segments.

Customer Engagement

Sending customers email greetings on anniversaries or birthdays.

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